Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's going on here?

I am a happy, outgoing person who lives a very healthy lifestyle. I work out at a fitness centre, but also enjoy hiking/walking outdoors! The only baggage I'm carrying is airport bound! I enjoy travelling and have visited many different parts of the world...some more exotic than others! In my leisure time, I enjoy getting together with family and close friends. I play the piano, so enjoy many kinds of music (except rap!). I also love to dance.To me there's nothing more relaxing, than sitting by the fire with a nice glass of fine wine. ...am a bit of a romantic! My best friend just had her first anal sex, if you are looking for the same thing, look elsewhere! I'm looking to connect with a person who is intelligent, fun-loving and has a good sense of humor.That initial "spark" is a must when it comes to compatibility. From there strong friendship can develop and the rest is history!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here I am lingering at the keyboard attempting to describe myself but I find it easier to tell you what I enjoy. I hope we can meet and you can get to know who I am. Here goes
I try to live a healthy lifestyle. You can see me cycling along Ottawa's bike paths. I play tennis (not well, but love it). I cross-country ski in winter (great trails to discover in Gatineau Park). I keep busy with various other activities like gardening, birding and for some mental exercises, you will find me reading or doing a crossword puzzle. I appreciate the arts and culture: Im a regular at the theatre and getting into nature photography.
It would be so much fun to share my enthusiasm with a partner. Im seeking someone who is healthy, young at heart, kind, and gentle and has a positive outlook on life. Is that you? So much to do and see.